A New Direction… Stacks Over Everything

Just a quick post here on my plan to streamline the content of this blog for the next few months.

First an admission; The five of you who currently read this blog consistently may have noticed a lack of output lately. That is because even though the name of the site is “CrytpoTrendAnalysts,” in reality there is just one Crypto Trend Analyst. And his time is severely limited as he works two jobs in completely different sectors and has family obligations, etc.

January through May marks the busiest time of year for both of the jobs that I have, so output during this time has been minimal. I have only about 6 hours a week to write and post content or engage through Twitter. Not complaining, just stating reality. So, the output on this site hasn’t been what it should be. But moving forward, I am changing a few things.

First, blogs have been written about whatever interested me at the time. I’ve covered the Wonderland fallout, market dips, Charlie Munger, and of course, MiamiCoin and the Stacks NFT game. I’ve decided to focus my blog on a few of the subjects that most interest me. For the next few months, I will be focusing primarily on these three topics:

  • In-depth reviews of Stacks NFT collections
  • Outlining the CityCoins ecosystem
  • Documenting the rise of Theopetra

These are the three topics that honestly I am most excited about documenting and promoting. As an added bonus, all of them are part of the Stacks ecosystem.

To focus on this, I have to drop a few projects that are consuming too much of what little time I have. Among them, the site’s newsletter, which will be paused temporarily, effective immediately. Also, I will update progress on the Blockchain Bums investment theory monthly instead of weekly.

The focus on these three topics will streamline my efforts and define the site from here on out.

Thank you,

The “Crypto Trend Analysts Team”

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