After spending some time learning about and investing in several different cryptocurrencies. After months of research, I chose to focus my investment and research efforts. I took a particular interest in the potential of the Stacks blockchain, which brings Ethereum-like capabilities and utility (NFT’s, d’Apps and DeFi) to Bitcoin.

I began investing in early 2021 and was immediately impressed by the incredible innovations created on Stacks. CityCoins allows people to invest and “bet on” a given city and earn a yield in Stacks. Theopetra looks to bring real estate on chain and put property back into the hands of the middle class. Interest in Bitcoin NFT’s on Stacks have exploded. The ecosystem is continually expanding into more projects displaying incredible amounts of artistry, creativity and utility. All of these initiatives are built on Stacks and secured by the Godfather of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin.

My goal is to make this blog a solid point of reference for anyone interested investing in or learning about the Stacks ecosystem. I sincerely hope that you enjoy and learn something from your stay here.