Bitcoin and UFC – IIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!

UFC Heavyweight Champion, Francis Ngannou has decided to ground and pound the US Dollars out of his paycheck. Joining other athletes like Aaron Rodgers and Odell Beckham, Jr., from the NFL and #1 draft pick Cade Cunningham from the NBA, Ngannou is diverting a portion of this salary from his UFC 270 win over Ciryl Gane into Bitcoin.

From HypeBeast: Francis Ngannou has just announced on Twitter that he will be taking half his purse for UFC 270 in the form of Bitcoin.

“The Predator” is set to face off against his former teammate Ciryl Gane where — through Cash App — it is reported that he is guaranteed roughly a base pay of $750,000 USD. “Bitcoin is the future and I’m a believer,” said the Cameroonian.

It hasn’t been revealed how much Cash App is paying for this endorsement but Ngannou will be giving away the $300,000 USD of BTC to his fans as an act to, “make Bitcoin more accessible.”

Ngannou decided to partner with CashApp just as Aaron Rodgers did a few months back. A decent sized subset of UFC fans are former NFL fans who bailed on the league due to its incessant social justice pandering. The Predator is now in position to introduce some of those fans to crypto through Bitcoin. On Ngannou’s native continent, millions of Africans have internet access, yet are considered “unbanked.” Cryptocurrencies solve this problem. Many of his fans in Africa are likely to onboard into crypto thanks to his message. We expect additional partnerships between Bitcoin and UFC athletes.

Ngannou’s promotion of Bitcoin will help onboard people who may not have been exposed to crypto through athletes in other major sports and provide more positive exposure for the crypto industry.

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