Cardano Summit 2021 Recap

Cardano Summit 2021 Recap

Cardano Summit 2021 did not disappoint attendees as they dropped a major partnership announcement and hinted at what their broader strategy will be going forward. Cardano Summit was not held in a physical location (highlighting one of the advantages of technology) as attendees showed up in avatar form. Take a look at this picture from the conference:

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A partnership was announced involving DISH Network, Boost Mobile and Cardano. Chris Ergen, Head of Innovation at DISH, made the announcement with Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson at the Cardano Summit:

“I am excited to announce that Dish and input-output are entering into a strategic collaboration to build blockchain services and to make blockchain a core part of our network and consumer strategy.” 

How Will The DISH Cardano Partnership Work?

At its simplest, Cardano will improve DISH Network’s security, privacy, and efficiency and DISH will provide Cardano with a massive use case. We can’t understate the efficiency that Cardano’s blockchain will provide for DISH. Cardano blockchain gained the ability to launch smart contracts after the Alonzo hard fork. Use of smart contracts will streamline productivity and eliminate massive amounts of paperwork for DISH Network.

Hoskinson went on to add:

“this is the kind of deal I can imagine in a decade horizon, will involve hundreds of millions of people if not billions of people. I am deeply passionate about it because to do the things we like to do as a company, which is to bank the unbanked and connect the unconnected, makes this is a tremendous challenge.” 

How Cardano Blockchain Can Change The Way We Vote

Hoskinson also announced that there are projects on the Cardano blockchain to improve methods of payment transfer and even the way that we vote:

Cardano’s ecosystem is working on projects from voting to payments and even ways to run the currencies of nation-states,.. There should also be a lot of “real-life data about how to do governments differently,” he said.

“You could run a nation-state on this type of infrastructure — not today, but in three to five years, definitely possible,” Hoskinson said. Cardano is trying to “position itself in the marketplace of ideas to be a legitimate option for at least some of these systems and some of these institutions,” he added. “People are fundamentally unhappy with governance,” Hoskinson said at the summit. “There’s an appetite for new systems, new ways of governance, new types of institutions.”

The need for full transparency during the process of elections is long overdue. Regardless of where you may stand personally on the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election, millions of Americans are convinced that there was foul play involved. Cardano presents a possible solution to scenarios like this, since a blockchain-based election would allow for a far more transparent process not just in the United States, but around the world.

Disclosure: We are invested in Cardano.

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