Crypto Baller: Oregon Kayvon Thibodeaux Gets His Own Crypto Coin

Kayvon Thibodeaux Starts His Own Crypto Coin

College and pro athletes are rapidly moving into the cryptosphere. Cade Cunningham, the National Basketball Association’s #1 overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft signed a deal with BlockFi . The Philadephia 76ers have partnered up with Now college athletes are getting into the act.

Oregon star Defensive End, Kayvon Thibodeaux isn’t just looking for a sponsorship or demanding to get paid in Bitcoin. Thibodeaux cut straight to the point and started his own cryptocurrency. Taking advantage of the NCAA’s changes to the rules regarding players capitalizing on their name, image and likeness, Thibodeaux launched his own cryptocurrency as part of a multi-pronged strategy including a memorabilia deal, as well as marketing for other companies.

Where Can I Buy Kayvon Thibodeaux Crypto?

His crypto coin $JREAM is now available on Rally for $0.374. Just like holders of the Miami Coin get rewards in $STX (Stacks), holders of $JREAM receive weekly rewards in of the coin $RLY. Rally’s VP of partnerships, Nick Millman, had this to say:

“We’re thrilled to see young athletes exploring the ways in which crypto can facilitate deeper connections with fans. Innovators like Kayvon are reinventing how athletes and fans interact.”

Thibodeaux isn’t stopping there, he previously announced an NFT deal with Nike as well.

Where Can I Buy Kayvon Thibodeaux NFT’s?

Kayvon’s NFT image is currently available on OpenSea. You can purchase fractional ownership in his NFT “kayvon’s trilogy” for .0045 ETH (approximately $140 USD). Here is the link to his OpenSea page. Thibodeaux is diving in headfirst into the cryptoverse, he enjoys the visibility of being a premier athlete with a chance to become the top pick in next year’s NFL Draft. However, player’s with Kayvon’s marquee value aren’t the only one’s moving into crypto…

Jaylen Clark, guard for the UCLA Bruins started his own cryptocurrency two weeks ago.

Where Can I Buy Jaylen Clark’s Crypto?

Like Kayvon, Jaylen’s coin, $JROCK, is also available on Rally. It is at $0.439, down from it’s $0.60 launch price. Purchasers of $JROCK will also receive rewards in $RLY as well as access to “weekly high level workout routines.”

With the launch of his own crypto, you may think that Jaylen has the star power of a top college football player. Yet, this is not the case. Clark contributed just 2.5 points over an average of nine minutes per game. He’s not exactly the type of player that leads the pregame highlight reels. Clark has yet to set himself apart on the court. Off the court, Clark has become the first college basketball athlete to engage in cryptocurrency at this level. With crypto and NFT’s on the verge of gaining massive worldwide acceptance, Thibodeaux and Clark are likely to be remembered as trailblazers with an impact that will far surpass whatever their athletic accomplishments may be.

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