Bitcoin NFT Review – HEXSTX on Stacks

Typically the NFT’s on Stacks that I have reviewed so far have centered around images of humans or animals, plants (and food) with human features. We won’t see any happy faces, 3D glasses or laser beam eyes today, just the Stacks logo on a grid of hexagons. Let’s take a deep dive into HEXSTX NFT’s on Stacks.

What do HEXSTX NFT’s look like?

HEXSTX #202 Blue

HEXSTX NFT’s feature the Stacks logo positioned in the center of the image on a plane of hexagons. The plane can be solid-colored, gradient or multi-colored designs based on the “infinitely scalable mesh of the universe: the hexagon.” There is some truth to this as, aside from rectangles and triangles, hexagons really are the only infinitely scalable polygon. Hexagons allow bees to see the world, but did you know humans rely on hexagons for the gift of sight as well? Hey look what they did for Shockwave…

This blog’s outdated pop cultural reference

And did you know that there is gigantic hexagon floating on top of Saturn?

Saturn's hexagon - Wikipedia

Devoting an entire NFT collection to hexagons is pretty legit.

There are 216 HEXSTX NFT’s, which happens to be the product of the number 6 brought up to the third power.

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The History Behind HEXSTX

HEXSTX minted on October 9, 2021. Stacks was chosen as the blockchain for this project primarily because of the inexpensive transaction fees. The royalty of this collection was set at 1% to further spurn trading and collection. Mint price was set at 36 STX. With the price of Stacks at $2.04 at the time, the cost of minting one NFT was approximately $73.44.

Each HEXSTX is considered a 1-of-1 however, among other attributes,

What are the Rarity Attributes of this NFT Collection?

Class – There are five visually distinct classes that divide up the collection and contribute to overall rarity, Unique (49.54%), Hydra (22.22%), Spike (22.22%), Stacked (5.56%) and Final (0.46%).

HEXSTX #19 Lemon
HEXSTX #19 (Unique)

Archetype – There are 16 archetypes, each with 6 tokens. These are only found in the Hydra and Spiked classes.

HEXSTX #201 Obsidian Hydra 5

Archetype Segment – There are 12 of these, each with 8 images for the 96 tokens under the Archetype subset.

HEXSTX #171 Mandarin Spike (Hex)

Theme – There are 12 themes between 0.46% and 44.44% rarity.

HEXSTX #131 (Artsy)

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What is the Rarest HEXSTX Bitcoin NFT?

That would be #216, the only one in the “Final” class. According to the HEXTSTX site it is meant to signify
“The end of one thing and the beginning of another.”

Which HEXSTX NFT is the Dopest IMHO?

HEXSTX #29 (Objectified)

I really do like this collection and it is one of the NFT’s I have in my personal stash. While I love the “Unique” subset, I think the dopest may be this one right here #29 under the Objectified theme, nicknamed “Torch.” Love the glowing hexagonal Stacks logo being raised up on the opaque base contrasting the white background.

Interested in Bitcoin NFT’s? Well, you’re gonna need some Stacks. You can buy STX on OKCoin, the preferred exchange of the Stacks ecosystem. You can even earn $50 of Bitcoin as a bonus by using this link. And what’s better than free money? 

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How Far Are They On Their Roadmap?

The roadmap of this particular collection doesn’t center on conventional utility, merchandise, or building a DAO. Instead, it involves six chapters of a story. The third chapter become unlocked when one holder collect all 6 of the same Hex Spike tokens. Only two chapters have been unlocked to date.

How Much Do HEXSTX Cost Today?

The floor for this collection is currently 10 STX. As of October 5, 2022 with the price at $0.32, you’re looking at just over $3 to pick up a HEXSTX.

What is the Future For This NFT Collection?

With no utility to speak of, the future of this collection rests on the attractiveness of this collection and the popularity of Stacks. Obviously, I am high on Stacks and you are likely too since you’re reading this blog. Stacks will continue to attract new artists to the platform as concerns grow over the centralization of other crypto blockchains. Since the STX logo is front and center, and the artwork is crisp, this bodes well for the visibility of this collection long term.

Where Can I Buy HEXSTX Bitcoin NFT’s?

These Bitcoin NFT’s can be purchased at:

Are HEXSTX NFT’s a Good Investment?

Stacks, the underlying blockchain of HEXSTX Bitcoin NFT

While none of this is to be construed as financial advice (please see the website disclaimer), anyone who reads this blog or follows my Twitter already knows that I am very bullish on the outlook for Stacks cryptocurrency, the underlying blockchain for all Bitcoin NFT’s.

NFT’s on Stacks are absolutely exploding since their debut in 2021. In addition to their recent listing on Coinbase, the Stacks ecosystem is best represented on OKCoin, where you can get exposure to StacksArkadiko Financeand CityCoins like MiamiCoin and NYCCoin. Stacks is the protocol that brings d’Apps, NFT’s and Ethereum-like utility to Bitcoin. I am a believer that any exposure to Stacks comes with tremendous future upside potential. So, while everyone should do their own research before investing in any NFT or cryptocurrency, I think the future of most NFT projects on Stacks hold considerable promise.

OK, I appreciate you reading this far.

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