How Much Miami Coin Do I Need to Make $1000 in Stacks Rewards?

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With the insane rewards from the last Stacking Cycle, I’m sure some of you are thinking, how much Miami Coin do I need to make X amount of Federal Reserve issued llama shit $US Dollars. We all have our financial goals and one of the best ways to get there *fast* is with the incredible stacking opportunity that Miami Coin affords its investors.

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Because of the nature of this blog, we are going to post our disclaimer up front. None of this is financial advice. We are going to go through hypothetical calculations of which there are quite a few variables involved that could skew the returns in either direction. As you should any time you invest, do your own research before taking action.

How Much Miami Coin Do I Need To Make “X” Dollars?

Again, this is pretty much an inexact experiment here with a lot of variables involved, including some we may not be aware of. Here are two primary factors to consider:

  • How much Stacks (STX) will be rewarded for a given amount of Miami Coin (MIA).
  • The price of Stacks at the end of the cycle.

First, we will examine these variables and then run some numbers based on them .

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How Much Stacks Will Be Rewarded For A Given Amount of Miami Coin?

Current estimates seem to range above .0025 STX per MIA. Last Stacking Cycle was .005 STX per MIA, so we will go with the conservative estimate of .0025. The current price of STX is $2.38. If nothing changes (and as any crypto investor knows, everything could change by the time this blog is published). This means that each MIA will be rewarded approximately $0.006, a little more than a half a cent.

The Price of Stacks at the End of the Cycle

This is the more impactful of the two variables mentioned. The current price of Stacks is $2.38 and it has been trading in the $2.20 range for more than a week. The week before the Stacking Cycle ending Thursday, October 7th, Stacks was trading in the $1.30 to $1.45 range. On the morning of the 9th, just as investors received their rewards, the price of $STX suddenly jumped to $1.61, then $1.76 that afternoon. By Sunday morning, Stacks was now priced over $2. This meant that anyone who received their Stack reward on the 9th watched that reward become 50% more valuable in $USD terms in a single day.

Why the sudden surge? This coincided with the news of some incredible new NFT’s from $STX, secured by the Bitcoin blockchain. NFT’s like Bitcoin Birds, Phases of Satoshi, Stacks Punks and Byte Fighters fueled demand for Stacks driving the price upward (you can learn how to purchase these NFT’s right here).

Last week, new NFT art debuted on Stacks, including Citadel2222 and Mandala. With soon to be released projects from Bitcoin Unicorns, StacksArmy, Metaraffes and Bitcoin Kittens, in addition to increasing interest on previous releases (The floor price of Stacks Pops has more than doubled this week!), the price of Stacks could continue to rise could continue to rise due to increased demand. As more crypto investors discover that Stacks is responsible for bringing Ethereum-like utility to Bitcoin, we can expect further positive demand. This could dramatically affect the price of $STX and with that the US Dollar value of your return from a Stacking Cycle.

A sudden stock market crash, negative geopolitical event or market manipulation could send the price of Stacks (and all cryptocurrencies) in a downward trajectory. Is this likely? Probably not. But we must consider that there is always a downside risk.

So, How Much Miami Coin Do I Need Exactly?

Okay, so let’s play around with some numbers:

Suppose that you purchased 10,000 Miami Coins at today’s price, approximately $0.03 each, for a total investment of $300 USD. Let’s also project that the price of Stacks stays exactly the same ($2.38) and that the amount of Stacks received is the conservative estimate (.0025):

10,000 (Miami Coin ) x .0025 (Stacks Reward per MIA) = 25 Stacks

25 Stacks x $2.38 = $59.50

That means that for every $300 you can expect a return of just under $60. To calculate your return on investment percentage, we’ll divide the $ in rewards by the $ we invested:

$59.50 (USD of Stacks Reward) / $300 (USD of Miami Coins purchased) = 19.83% R.O.I. (Return on Investment)

Now that we have identified our return on investment, we can apply that to determine how much Miami Coin (currently around $0.03) we will need to invest in order to receive $1000. We’ve figured out that 10,000 Miami Coin will get us around $59.50 in $USD. We’re going to divide the $1,000 goal by $59.50.

$1000 / $59.50 = 16.81

That tells us would need to invest 10,000 Miami Coin 16.81 times to earn $1000. Since 10,000 Miami Coin costs around $300, we can figure out how much in dollars we would need to invest:

$300 x 16.81 = $5,043

That’s your magic number. If your target is $1,000 of rewards in Stacks, assuming what we have so far, you will need to invest $5,043. Which is kind of incredible when you think about it. Where in the boomer economy are you going to find returns of almost 20% in two weeks?!? Remember, banks currently pay you a fraction of 1 percent per year for putting your money into a savings account. You can do thousands of times better by clicking your mouse a few times.

Investing in 1 Stacking Cycle means that you won’t be able to invest again right away. This is best to use with money that you can part with for a few weeks, but not for a few months. For those of you that chose to invest in 12 continual cycles, you will receive your Stacks rewards every two weeks continuously. We would only select this if this is money that you don’t need access to until April (the end date of the cycle is noted on OKCoin).

Okay, so now that you know how much Miami Coin you need to invest in order to receive $1,000 (according to our assumptions) in Stacks rewards, you can scale that number as needed to suit whatever goal you have in mind. In other words, let’s say you want $400 in rewards. Take the $1,000 and divide by your $400. Your result is 0.4. Now multiply that 0.4 times the $5043 you need to invest to make $1000. Poof! You will need to invest $2017 to earn $400 in Stacks rewards.

Again, this is a bit of math, but if you are serious about reaching a certain goal and you need to know how much Miami Coin you need to stack to get there, this should help.

How Do I Stack Miami Coin?

It’s actually very easy to do. In fact, we wrote a step-by-step tutorial for stacking Miami Coin last week.

Where Can I Buy Miami Coin?

If you haven’t stacked Miami Coin yet and would like to purchase some, go ahead and click this link to sign up for OKCoin and receive your $50 in free Bitcoin when you invest your first $100 into any crypto.

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