How to Buy NYC Coin on OKCoin

As of tonight, January 24th, you can buy NYC Coin on the OKCoin app. NYC Coin is now the second City Coin available on a major exchange (OKCoin). This is a watershed moment for City Coins and for Stacks cryptocurrency.

NYC Coin is a Massive Value Add to the Stacks Ecosystem

This is a major move for the Stacks/Bitcoin ecosystem, including City Coins and Miami Coin. A second successful City Coin rollout (Miami Coin was the first) means that other cities that wish to receive the cash influx that City Coin investors potentially provide are sure to take notice.

OKCoin will also be a huge beneficiary of this. As the preferred exchange of the Stacks ecosystem, they have positioned themselves to be the go-to exchange for all future City Coins. Based on their previous rollout of Miami Coin, I expect that they will offer a DeFi stacking option for NYC Coin in short order. The APY could reach deep into the triple digits.

How Do I Buy NYC Coin?

Set up an OKCoin Account

  1. Open up an OKCoin account. Currently, NYC Coin is only available on OKCoin exchange. Luckily, it’s pretty painless to open an account. Our readers can earn $10 of Bitcoin as a bonus when you do by using this link. And what’s better than free money? Free Bitcoin! (You can switch it to something else later if you’d like, but, why would you do that?)
  2. Deposit US Dollars. Set up is again, pretty simple. Once you enter your bank information, go ahead and choose Instant Transfer (ACH) and you will have funds available instantly (this may take a day or two to reflect on your bank account balance). You must transfer a minimum of $10 USD. As an additional note, don’t ever invest your money you need right away in any crypto. If you need to transfer it back to your bank, you won’t be able to for 10 days. Should OKCoin offer stacking options for NYC Coin, your funds will be locked up for a time period ranging from a few weeks to a few months.
  3. Transfer from your Funding Account to your Trading Account. On the main menu choose Transfer. Select USD from the tokens. From: Funding Account To: Trading Account will pop up on the screen. Click “Transfer All” then click “Confirm.” In a few seconds you will see “Transfer Complete.” Click Continue and you can now purchase NYC Coin.

How to Buy NYC Coin

  • Buy some NYC Coin. In the upper right corner, you will see a little magnifying glass. Click on it. Then type in NYC. It will show up at the top of the search go ahead and click on that. It will take you to a black screen with NYC showing current price and its recent movement. Click Buy and it will take you to a white screen. Tap 100%. Then click the green “Buy NYC” button. Click “Confirm.” In a few seconds it will say “Order Placed Successfully.” Note that OKCoin also allows Limit Orders and Stop Orders, giving you further trading options.

Please note, this is just a quick guide to allow you to acquire NYC Coin as it reached the exchange only a few hours ago. Tomorrow, will look into potential trading patterns for NYC Coin, by examining the historical charts from Miami Coin’s debut.

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And what’s better than free money? Free Bitcoin!

-The Crypto Trend Analyst Team


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