Miami Coin Stacking Returns from Stacking Cycle 3 are Tremendous

Miami Coin (MIA) Stacking Cycle 3 (SC3) has just ended. Reddit users are already reporting massive gains, from their Miami Coin stacking returns. Many have reported greater gains than they expected as a direct result of stacking their MIA. We’ll look at some examples to figure out what Stackers approximate ROI was for Stacking Cycle 3.

A live look at Miami Coin Stackers on Saturday, October 9th

Miami Coin Stacking Returns

As a reward for stacking their Miami Coin they receive Stacks (STX). Stacks is an amazing protocol which allows Bitcoin to become programmable (STX enables smart contracts and dApps to be built on Bitcoin). Many Miami Coin holders received their STX this morning and to be honest, they were as excited as this guy. One of my friends who ran the cycle did some quick calculations and found that he made well over a 20% return in US Dollars. The screenshot that he sent showed that the ~4776 MIA that he stacked rewarded him with ~24.67 STX.

I decided to check his estimates to see what most users return on investment was. Since I’m not sure of what he paid per coin for his MIA, let’s start by figuring out his rate of return based on the worst-case scenario. Let’s say that he purchased Miami Coin at the worst possible time. In this example, we’ll suppose that he bought MIA at it’s September 19 peak before the stacking cycle began, right at it’s peak at $.05508.

4776 MIA x $0.05508 = $263.06

Now, let’s take a look at the current price of Stacks, this afternoon, Saturday October 9 which is $1.98.

24.67 x $1.98 = $48.85

So, to recap, my boy received $48.85 on an investment that at most cost him $263.06, again, assuming he purchased at the worst possible time. Even with that assumption, here’s his return on investment (ROI):

$48.85 / $263.06 = 18.57% ROI

18.57% return for a little over two weeks? That’s not bad at all for a worst-case scenario! Most investors may have grabbed Miami Coin a little after its debut. If we look at the charts, MIA spent most of the time before the Stacking Cycle began in the $.0.035 to $0.04 range. What happens when we assume that most investors bought MIA around there?

4776 MIA x $0.04 = $191.04

$48.85 / $191.04 = 25.57% ROI

I don’t know what to tell you if you can’t get excited about a earning 25% in a little over two weeks from Miami Coin stacking returns. Tens of millions of Americans are apparently perfectly happy with a return of 0.01% on your typical corporate bank savings account. In other words, if they placed that $191.04 into a standard savings account for a full year, they would earn a little less than 2 cents! The average Miami Coin stacker has earned 2,557 times that much in the past two weeks!

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The ROI may be ridiculous, but Miami Coin is a solid cryptocurrency. The coin has generated millions of dollars for the City of Miami. Spearheaded by America’s Crypto Mayor, Francis Suarez, the city is becoming a very attractive destination for anyone in the cryptosphere.

How Can I Buy Miami Coin?

The only exchange that you can currently purchase Miami Coin on is OKCoin. Fortunately, you don’t have to live in Miami to invest in MIA.  Our readers can receive $50 in Bitcoin for signing up with OKCoin through this link. What’s better than free money? Free Bitcoin!

How Do I Stack Miami Coin?

You might be a bit apprehensive if the concepts of DeFi and Stacking are new to you. Lucky for you, we know of an excellent tutorial that shows you step-by-step how to purchase MIA on OKCoin and how to Stack MIA. In a few quick minutes you can go from zero experience in cryptocurrencies to making massive returns like the Miami Coin stackers.

Although this is stated in our blog’s Disclaimer, none of this is to be construed as financial advice.

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