Miami Heat: Miami Coin (MIA) Triples in Price in 9 Days and Brings in $4.5 Million to City

Miami Coin Triples in Price

It’s been less than a month since the release of Miami Coin (MIA) and we’ve already seen some promising movement in price. After a first day pump that saw the price rocket from less than a cent to $.03, the hype settled down and so did the coin’s value. By the 6th of September, MIA could be purchased for around $0.0115. As of tonight, September 18th, Miami Coin reached an all-time high of $0.0445. Anyone who invested into this project at any point before this evening is profitable.

Our team posted its review of the Miami Coin earlier this week.

City of Miami Receives $4.5 Million in Donations from Miami Coin

Recently, the city voted to withdraw $4.5 million in crypto rewards from Miami Coin. The rewards are generated in Stacks tokens (STX) and are converted over to U.S. Dollars for use by the city. The money will be used for projects that the city deems necessary. Mayor Francis Suarez will likely ensure that a significant portion of the donations will be diverted toward ensuring that the City of Miami remains a destination for cryptocurrency investors.

Source: The MiamiCoin project in Florida has already seen contributions to the protocol swell to around $4.5 million in a little over a month. MiamiCoin is a cryptocurrency that runs on the Stacks Protocol and gives the city a new way to raise funds for city projects. The mining process sends some of the crypto earned into a wallet that the City of Miami can use to help the financial needs of the city. An investment in MiamiCoin is, in essence, an investment in the city of Miami. 

As mentioned before, the rewards for the Miami Coin are issued in Stacks tokens. Stacks (STX) is the protocol which makes CityCoin possible. Through CityCoin, the City of Miami receives 30% of the proceeds in STX, which is moved into a wallet and then changed into US Dollars which can then be accessed dor use. Stacks makes this possible through innovative technology that builds smart contracts (something usually associated with Ethereum) on the Bitcoin network.

Is Miami Coin a Good Investment?

MIA has shown some potential for value growth over the first two weeks, particularly after reaching a new all-time high earlier tonight. Anyone who purchases this coin isn’t simply setting themselves up for potential profit; as an added benefit they are supporting the City of Miami. And what better city to support through the purchase of cryptocurrency than one with leadership that is actively positioning the 305 to become as crypto-friendly as possible. That matters. If this was a coin that rewarded a city like Seattle, we would likely not invest, as we would have concerns about overall migration trends, city leadership, socio-economic trends and quality of life issues facing the populace. We are quite certain that the City of Miami is on an upward trajectory.

Where Can I Buy Miami Coin?

Miami Coin (MIA) is now available for purchase on one exchange, OKCoin. You can start investing in the MIA coin today and receive a FREE $50 in Bitcoin for signing up with OKCoin. Click on that last sentence for more details.

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