Mining Free Crypto on the Pi Network

In this post we are going to show you how easy it is to begin mining free crypto through mining on your phone through the Pi Network app. We have a saying on our site, one that we add into every post before we hit send. “What’s better than free money? Free Crypto!” We usually put this right after our “Free $50 of Bitcoin through OKCoin link” (and, by the way, a huge ***thank you*** to those of you who have clicked the link and signed up. As of today, we don’t have any ads up on this site, so that link is the only way we currently get paid. When you sign up and receive the bonus, it helps us out as well and we deeply appreciate your support.)

You Can’t Beat Free Crypto

I think we can all agree, free crypto is the best. And while you can earn free crypto from staking / stacking, that requires some level of investment. What if there was a way that you could simply acquire crypto at no cost, with an absolute minimum of hassle or investment of time? Wouldn’t it be amazing to just open an app and click a button once a day while receiving free crypto for your inconvenience (if you can even call it that)? Well it is possible to do just that, right now. Mining free crypto through your phone is possible, thanks to the Pi Network.

What is Pi Coin?

Created by graduates from Stanford University, Pi Coin is the first digital currency that you can mine from you phone. The stated goal of the Pi Network is to “Build a cryptocurrency and smart contracts platform secured and operated by everyday people.” and they’ve taken a big step toward that end through their app. Anyone with a WiFi connection can begin mining Pi Coin, right now, today. Furthermore it is absolutely free to mine.

Now, normally when I think of “mining,” I tend to view it as an immensely complicated process. I picture the giant server farms with fans, intricate-looking mining rigs the volcanic mining setup in El Salvador, or something like this:

Crypto mining doesn’t have to be this complicated.

So, if you’re like me, you might bristle when you hear the phrase “crypto mining.”

Pi Coin certainly removes the most complicated aspects out of crypto mining. The Pi app is “energy light” and mines in the background while you use your phone. Speaking from experience, we can personally assure you that the Pi Coin app does not wear down your battery (in fact, I never notice that it is running).

There are currently several projects being constructed on the Pi Network, including an e-commerce marketplace and an app for hiring skilled members of the network. With 18 million “Pioneers,” there is a ton of potential and we’ve seen some cool project ideas come through including an app that pays you for physical activity. You can learn more about Pi on their Frequently Asked Questions page.

How do I Mine Pi Coins?

Here is all you need to do mine Pi Coins:

  • Open the Pi app once a day
  • Click the “Mine Pi Coins” button
  • That’s actually it! Just 2 steps.

Mining free crypto really is that simple. If you forget, Pi will send you a push notification to remind you. Pushing a button once a day isn’t a high-pressure deal like that what that guy on Lost had to go through to keep the world from falling apart every day. Personally, I kinda like to think it is. Adds a little excitement.

Lost Lost Tv Show GIF - Lost Lost Tv Show Desmond GIFs

What’s the Risk / Reward?

What’s the downside here? What if nothing happens with Pi? Well, if PiCoin remains at a valuation of $0 and you’ve been actively mining, then you’ve wasted like 15 seconds of your time each day and risked zero dollars. Trust me, I think you’ll recover from that devastating loss.

What’s the upside? Whatever value Pi reaches, if it is over a few cents, your essential return on investment is essentially… infinite! You will have earned crypto with zero monetary investment and truly minimal time consideration. You’ll have reached up and grabbed money from the sky.

Currently the value in $USD of one Pi Coin is $0. While some of you are probably thinking, “What’s the point! All this talk and it’s worth nothing!” may I politely remind you that 12 years ago, Bitcoin also was worth $0. Of course, we’re not implying that this will become anywhere near as valuable as Bitcoin, but with 18 million active users already involved in the network, there is tremendous built-in potential for the network and cryptocurrency.

The choice to try out mining Pi Coin is yours, but remember our tagline “What’s better than free money? Free crypto!” Here is an incredibly easy way to get yourself some:

Click on this link to download the Pi Network app.

We like the concept of Pi Coin so much that we dedicated a section to it in our eBook “9 Unusual Ways You Can Make Money With Crypto (But Can’t With Cash).” Have you read it yet? You should. Like Pi Coin, it’s free and you’ll also receive our weekly crypto news roundup.

-The Crypto Trend Analyst Team


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