Pay Me In Bitcoin! (Miami Coin News)

Pay Me In Bitcoin is no longer a phrase that will exclusively be used by athletes and elite income earners. Now Miami City employees will be able to make that same demand.

Pay Me In Bitcoin, Miami Edition

Francis Suarez, America’s Crypto Mayor is moving ahead quickly to set Miami apart as the premier crypto-friendly city in the United States. From Business Insider:

“We’re going for a request for proposal in October to allow our employees to get paid in bitcoin, to allow our residents to pay for fees in bitcoin and even taxes potentially in bitcoin if the county allows it,”

In August of this year, the City of Miami launched its own cryptocurrency, Miami Coin (MIA), in an initiative spearheaded by Mayor Suarez. After an outstanding start, the city of Miami has now taken in over $10 million in new revenue from their City Coin since its inception two months ago. Miami Coin has reached mainstream adoption at a faster rate than Bitcoin. Miami Coins are easy to acquire and Stack (see our step-by-step tutorial) and the returns have far exceeded expectations.

Power Moves Only for Mayor Suarez

Pay Me In Bitcoin – It’s possible, if you work for the City of Miami!

Mayor Suarez continues on the cutting edge of integrating cryptocurrency initiatives with city-level governance. Holding massive Bitcoin conferences and attracting crypto companies and their talent were only the beginning. His broader goal is for Miami to become a world-leading crypto destination, cementing the city’s wealth and economic status for decades to come.

The next move for Suarez is to convince the State of Florida to allow Miami to hold Bitcoin as part of its balance sheet. Current federal and state laws do not allow this to happen.

“It’s a major priority for me because I want us to differentiate ourselves as the crypto capital of the United States or of the world,”

Past this, Suarez imagines the Magic City becoming a tax-free city for its citizens, which would accelerate the ongoing trend of Miami stealing talent and capital from other cities in the U.S. and around the world. Allowing employees to demand of the city Pay Me in Bitcoin, is a step toward that end goal.

Miami Coin Crypto – How to Buy It

You don’t have to live in Miami to bet on the City of Miami and the vision of Mayor Suarez. Miami Coin (MIA) is now available for purchase on one exchange, OKCoin. You can start investing in MIA coin today and receive a FREE $50 in Bitcoin for signing up with OKCoin. What’s better than free money? Free crypto!

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