Bitcoin NFT Review – Phases of Satoshi NFT on Stacks

And we’re on to Part 5 of my series reviewing Bitcoin NFT Projects built on Stacks. Today, we are going to take an in-depth look at the Phases of Satoshi Bitcoin NFT Collection on Stacks. You can find the first four entries in my series, right here:

I’ll start off with a quote from Muneeb Ali, the founder of Stacks, about the meaning behind NFT ownership:

“There is something beautiful about owning a little piece of internet culture. With Bitcoin NFTs, I can now own a little piece of Bitcoin culture. NFTs makes my connection to this community stronger and our shared stories and symbols more meaningful.”

-Muneeb Ali, Founder of Stacks

The History of the Phases of Satoshi NFT Collection

The first Twitter announcement of this animated NFT collection was made on August 22, 2021, through the Phases of Satoshi Twitter account. The design of Phases revolves around the author of the Bitcoin white paper, “Satoshi Nakamoto.” And, yes, those are quotes around the name, as we really don’t know if Satoshi is male or female, an individual or a collective. The true ethnicity of Nakamoto remains unknown as well. In this project, the artist attempts to project Satoshi Nakamoto through the lens of different races, ages, body types from both genders, projecting a range of possibilities of Nakamoto’s appearance. These NFT’s are built on Stacks, which gives smart contract capabilities to Bitcoin, then secured on the blockchain that Satoshi Nakamoto brought into existence.

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Who Created The Phases of Satoshi NFT Collection?

In my research, I could not find an artist associated with this NFT project. I can only assume that it is the anon behind @SatoshiPhases on Twitter.

What Was the Mint Price?

Mint price for this project was set at 24 Stacks (STX). With the price of Stacks at $1.49 on August 15, 2021, it would have cost approximately $36 to mint a single Phases NFT.

How Many Phases of Satoshi NFT’s are there?

There are 210 NFT’s in the Phases of Satoshi collection.

What Do Phases of Satoshi Bitcoin NFT’s Look Like?

These NFT’s have attempted to reimagine Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto through the prism of both genders and a variety of ethnicities. Each face is centered and looking forward, against neutral-toned backgrounds.

What Are the Rarity Attributes of Phases of Satoshi NFT’s?

There aren’t any. Bitcoin NFT’s like Bitcoin Birds have differentiated background colors and accessories, Marbling Bitcoin NFT collection, have different uniforms, hairstyle and expression traits as well as enhanced graphics and animation in its rarest versions. But Phases of Satoshi Bitcoin NFT’s have zero rarity attributes. Each one is truly unique in that it does not share any exact trait with any other Phases NFT.

The best way to explain will be by looking at two Phases NFT’s that appear somewhat related.

Both #140 and #165 have silver hair. Yet both are not the exact same shade or style. Both have dark glasses, but #140’s frame is more rounded. These slight, nearly negligible distinctions make each Phases NFT truly exclusive.

What is the Rarest Phases of Satoshi Bitcoin NFT?

Because there are no distinct rarity traits, each Phases NFT is exclusive. In fact, there are only two real “features” in this collection. There are 17 gold NFT’s that commemorate Bitcoin as the “gold standard” of cryptocurrencies.

Blue Phases, inspired by Bitcoin becoming legal tender in El Salvador, of which there are only 11. This makes the blue Phases of Satoshi NFT’s the rarest of the collection.

All eleven of the blue NFT’s can be considered at the same level of rarity. lists #117 as the most rare Phases NFT.

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How Far Along Are They on Their Roadmap?

The Phases of Satoshi project does not have a roadmap.

What Utility Do These NFT’s Have?

Phases holders were able to participate in a Virtual Tulip airdrop along with Bitcoin raffles to holders from royalty payouts. Additionally, whitelist spots were made available for two projects, Madstar Whales and the Wave Riders Club and a collaboration with $AINT$ creator @iamdrsuss:

The artists behind Phases of Satoshi are also poised to add the upcoming Clown World NFT to their resume, we can assume that there will be opportunities for Satoshi holders to get involved in this project as well.

The Phases community also raised Stacks for the Boys and Girls Club of Miami.

The Phases of Satoshi Bitcoin NFT Community

There are currently 110 owners of the 210 NFT’s in this collection. The community has a Twitter page with 819 followers and an active Discord.

Interested in Bitcoin NFT’s? Well, you’re gonna need some Stacks. You can buy STX on OKCoin, the preferred exchange of the Stacks ecosystem. You can even earn $50 of Bitcoin as a bonus by using this link. And what’s better than free money? 

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How Much Do Phases of Satoshi NFT’s Cost Today?

As of June 3, 2022, this collection has a current floor price of 550 STX. With STX at $0.53, purchasing one floor Phases NFT will cost approximately $291 USD. With a $36 USD price at minting, a floor value Phases of Satoshi still holds a 700% ROI. That is an excellent return, especially when considering the downturn in cryptocurrency prices over the last seven months.

The Future for The Phases of Satoshi Bitcoin NFT Collection

While many NFT’s futures rest on the possibility of upcoming utility, that simply isn’t the case with this collection. The “utility” is a token of respect shown to the founder of Bitcoin. Looking back at Muneeb’s quote, a Phases NFT truly is a piece of Bitcoin culture, and a nod to Satoshi Nakamoto, whoever that may be.

Where Can I Purchase Phases of Satoshi NFT’s?

Phases of Satoshi Bitcoin NFT’s can be purchased at:

Are Phases NFT’s a Good Investment?

Stacks, the underlying blockchain of Phases of Satoshi Bitcoin NFT’s

While none of this is to be construed as financial advice (please see the website disclaimer), anyone who reads this blog or follows my Twitter already knows that I am very bullish on the outlook for Stacks cryptocurrency, the underlying blockchain for Phases of Satoshi Bitcoin NFT’s.

NFT’s on Stacks are absolutely exploding since their debut in 2021. In addition to their recent listing on Coinbase, the Stacks ecosystem is best represented on OKCoin, where you can get exposure to Stacks, Arkadiko Finance, and CityCoins like MiamiCoin and NYCCoin. Stacks is the protocol that brings d’Apps and Ethereum-like utility to Bitcoin. I am a believer that any exposure to Stacks comes with tremendous future upside potential. So, while everyone should do their own research before investing in any NFT or cryptocurrency, I think the future of most NFT projects on Stacks hold considerable promise.

-The Crypto Trend Analyst

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