Sappy Seals NFT Review + Wab.eth to Stacks

Wab.eth, the founder of Sappy Seals and multiple immensely popular NFT collections has decided to move operations from Ethereum to Stacks. This is massive news for the Bitcoin NFT ecosystem and quite possibly a sign of things to come from other high-profile artists. So, here’s a welcome to Wab.eth, his team and all of you who are joining us on Stacks from Ethereum.

Arf Arf Arf my Ethereum NFT enthusiasts!

Who is Wab.eth?

A major player in the NFT space, Wab.eth is the creator of several successful collections on Ethereum and Cardano. He is also the founder of the Pixlverse, a community-owned, decentralized 2.5D metaverse platform that allows artists to collaborate, build their own worlds and travel between them. His Sappy Seals have managed to continue to receive significant interest and activity over a year after launch.

Why is Wab.eth going to Stacks?

Ethereum has been plagued by serious concerns about centralization since the merge. Clearly this was in question for Wab.eth as well:

Bitcoin is truly decentralized. Stacks brings smart contract capabilities to Bitcoin, leveling the playing field. I don’t see Wab.eth as an outlier here, but as the first of potentially hundreds of artists moving to Stacks not only from Ethereum, but Solana and other blockchains for decentralized capabilities that only Bitcoin can offer.

Today, I’m going to out the standard treatment, an in-depth NFT breakdown that you will find nowhere else on the web, of Wab.eth’s Sappy Seals collection on Ethereum.

The History Behind Sappy Seals

The Sappy Seals is a collection of 10,000 NFT’s on the Ethereum blockchain. The project was released on August 31, 2021 and finished minting in ten minutes. The collection recently celebrated its one year anniversary.

Sappy Seals aren’t just a quick-selling novelty token. their founder understands what drives long-term engagement. Wab understands this:

“A new flashy jpeg can’t replace a bonded community.”


Sappy Seals they are one of the most formidable NFT communities anywhere.

They might be from the “coldest region of the blockchain” but they do give the new members a warm welcome.

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What Do Sappy Seals Look Like?

Sappy Seals #7883

Sappy Seals are animated pinnipeds that face center-right in the frame. All of them seem to share the same ‘smile’ on their snout. Facial expressions are determined by their eyes. These are cute and captivating creatures with several variants that bring personality to each NFT.

What are the Rarity Attributes of this Collection?

There are six properties that determine overall rarity; background, body, “extra,” head, face, and skin. Let’s take a look at each of them.

Background – 15 options between 6.75% and 7.6% rarity.

Body – Approximately 52 variants, everything from scarves to flannels to hoodies, between 0.03% to 3.29%.

#2342 with Green Kimono

“Extra” – This covers sunglasses, 3D glasses and VR glasses with rarity between 2.98% and .05%.

#2292 with 3D Glasses

Face- Most of this subset is centers around the eyes determining mood and expression.

#7781 with Dizzy Face

Head- Caps, cowboy hats, beanies and whatever the hell a “ushanka” is.

#2258 with Sombrero

Skin- Nine options. Over 81% of Sappy Seals will fall under Cream, Light Gray, Pink or Default. Ice (.43%) is the rarest variant.

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What is the Rarest Sappy Seals NFT?

There two subsets “Seal Team Six” and “1/1’s” that hold the rarest tokens in this set. Seal Team Six are 6 military-themed images:

“Seal Team Six” #3

The 1/1’s are individualized with unique clothing, background and accessories that you won’t find anywhere else in the collection.

Sappy Seals “Dinosaur”

Which Sappy Seals NFT is the Dopest IMHO?

Sappy Seals “Rekt Taka$hi”

To be honest, I just can’t see this happy little guy getting “big mad” and choking a fan in a shopping mall. I’m not a fan of 6ix9ine but this is just fantastic, right down to the “six nine” under his left eye. Phenomenal. And if that wasn’t enough he hit us with the gold fishbone piece! Bravo, good sir, bravo!

Do Sappy Seals Have Any Utility?

Yes they do. Holders can stake their Seals for rewards in $PIXL, an ERC-20 token which serves as the currency of the Pixlvese. They can use this token to get merchandise and items in the marketplace or use them to yield farm and purchase metaverse land in the Pixlverse. Over 7,600 Seals are currently staked and earning rewards for their holders.

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What About the Sappy Seals Community?

Currently there are 3,900 owners posting sh*t, arfing and getting laid.

YARN | Tonight at the pit, Everyone Gets Laid. | PCU (1994) | Video gifs by  quotes | bbcfa5d2 | 紗
I honestly can’t complete one blog without an outdated pop culture reference.

Their Discord has over 13,900 members. There are over 67,000 following the Seals Twitter account.

What Does the Future Look Like for this Collection?

Sappy Seals are still generating solid volume a full year after their release and their tribe is ‘arfing’ valid. Would I like to see a collection like Seals on Stacks? Sure. But they don’t need to create a duplicate collection to accomplish this. Satoshibles started off on Ethereum and were able to shuttle assets to Stacks and back using StacksBridge. Megapont Apes used their Banana Bridge to accomplish this as well. The seals may very well be able to migrate efficiently over to Stacks.

If you’ve made it this far, I appreciate you. I hope you enjoyed this work, if so, feel free to follow me at @CryptoDefiGuys on Twitter for more posts on the Stacks ecosystem.

-The Crypto Trend Analyst

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