Bitcoin NFT Review – Satoshibles NFT on Stacks

Part 12 of my series reviewing Bitcoin NFT Projects built on Stacks we’re going to check out one devoted to (brace yourself for yet another, wildly outdated reference) the boss, the head man, top dog, big cheese, the head honcho, Satoshi Nakamoto. We’re looking into the Satoshibles NFT collection.

The History of Satoshibles

“It was only right to create the NFTs on a platform that honored Satoshi’s legacy…”

– Brian Laughlan, Satoshibles Dev Team

Satoshibles NFT has a mint date of some time on or after June 13, 2021 on Ethereum. The NFT collection sold out seven days later.

As you may have already noticed, this project comes with a major caveat; it is the only NFT collection that I have covered so far that was not released on the Stacks blockchain. This entire collection was initially sold on Ethereum. Which kinda contradicts the quote I put at the front, if you think about it. Except it’s true. Satosibles is also available on Stacks. But how can the same collection be on both blockchains?

The Satoshibles team could have launched a separate collection on Stacks, but did not want to dilute the community. Their solution? The team constructed a cross-chain bridge between Ethereum and Stacks called StacksBridge. This meant that NFT assets could be moved between the two blockchains, with relative simplicity. While this started with the Satoshibles collection, it is available for other NFT’s and projects to use as well. All that is needed is a MetaMask wallet (holds ETH assets) and a Hiro Wallet (holds STX assets) to complete the transaction.

The first Satoshibles NFT moved cross-bridge on February 6, 2022.

Today, Satoshibles are listed on the Ethereum NFT exchange OpenSea, as well as Bitcoin NFT exchanges and

Who Created The Satoshibles Bitcoin NFT Collection?

According the Satoshibles website, the artist is Ayyoub Bouzerda. The rest of the team includes Brian Laughlin, developer, designer and creator of Satoshibles. Aaron Hanson, developer, and Jarrod Douglas, community manager.

What Was the Mint Price?

The mint price in Ethereum was approximately 0.02 (mint was available on OpenSea). With the price of ETH around $1994 on June 13, you could have minted a Satoshible for around $40.

How Many NFT’s are there in this Collection?

There are 5000 Satoshibles NFT’s and 1,442 holders.

What Do Satoshibles NFT’s Look Like?

Satoshibles are hand-illustrated images of Satoshi Nakamoto, re-imagined, facing center leaning slightly toward the viewers right. Each NFT is algorithmically generated with nine traits determining rarity.

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What Are the Rarity Attributes of This NFT Collection?

The team at Satoshibles, like the anons over at Bitcoin Monkeys have made their rarity table easily accessible through a link on their site. I appreciate this as I’m sure anyone interested in the project does. There are nine traits for this collection.

  • Background – There are 16 primary colors, with mint being the rarest at 5.34%.
  • Body – 33 variants exist with suits, hoodies, polo shirts and Roman togas.
  • Ear accessories – including diamonds, hoops and crosses
  • Eye accessories – 3D Glasses, star glasses, lightning bolt tattoo, with a scar being the most rare.
  • Eyes – Blue, green, and they’ve even got snake eyes and, if you ever wanted an NFT of Satoshi Nakamoto with an empty black socket in place of his actual eye, well, they’ve got you covered.
  • Facial hair – Mustaches, handlebars and beards, with an auburn beard the least common (3.42%).
  • Head – 68 varaints here, so check out the rarest of them, the “Roman” trait, with one of those Julius Caesar fig leaf thingys.
  • Mouth – this trait includes gum bubbles, party favors and lipstick.
  • Skin – Satoshibles is one of the few NFT’s I’ve seen without some kind of “zombie” trait. Instead, each of the 11 skin types are flat colors with peach being the most rare here.

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What is the Rarest Satoshibles Bitcoin NFT?

The rarest Satoshible Bitcoin NFT is #5000. The traits that set this one apart from the rest include its Roman head (0.84%), white suit (2.34%), stubble (3.84%) and party favor (5.34%).

This NFT is currently not for sale, but was sold last year on the Ethereum blockchain for 8.88 ETH. With the price of ETH at $3224 on its sale date, August 24, 2021, #5000 sold for approximately $28,629 USD, which represents a staggering 71,472% ROI.

Which Satoshibles Bitcoin NFT is the Dopest IHMO?

How about #230 with the 3D glasses, mohawk, neon beard, black turtleneck with gold chain. Althought I ‘d ideally like some contrast against a lighter background, this one is my favorite that I’ve seen from the collection.

How Far Along Are They on Their Roadmap?

Well, they’ve already made one groundbreaking leap in the NFT space. This is the first cross-chain NFT project, allowing owners to shuttle assets from Ethereum to Stacks and back via Stacks Bridge. The team discusses this in detail in their latest newsletter.

Their next objective was to expand the team and fund their full time work on the project. Giving toward charitable works and contributions is their next step. Setting up a shop where you can print your own Satoshible on to different types of merchandise follows this along with targeted airdrops and the initiative to ensure that Satoshibles will be viewed in art galleries in the metaverse as well as the physical world.

Monster Satoshibles, a separate collection available on OpenSea, was released just before Halloween 2021. As a long-term objective, the team is eyeing the creation of their own DAO as well.

I know I’m repeating myself here, but I think you could use another reminder.

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What Utility Do These NFT’s Have?

Satoshibles has partnered with the Built with Bitcoin foundation. These NFT’s are drawn by children in Built with Bitcoin Schools in Africa. With 5000 NFT’s each on Stacks and Ethereum, respectively, minting these NFT’s help fund the Built with Bitcoin Schools. There is a link to the foundation at the very top of the project’s website where you can find more information. Further ahead for the project will be the development of SatoshiCoin the token that will fund their ecosystem and “Stake to Earn,” a mining game centered around staking NFT’s.

The Satoshibles Bitcoin NFT Community

There are currently 1442 owners of the NFT’s in this collection. The community has a very active Twitter page with over 11,500 followers. Satoshibles Twitter frequently posts themed contests, collaborations and “Satoshi-isms,” giving their community many opportunities for interaction.

They also have a Discord with 2,100 members. Satoshibles has a newsletter and their website can be found here.

How Much Do Satoshibles NFT’s Cost Today?

As of June 27, 2022, this collection has a current floor price of 422 STX. With STX currently at $0.45, purchasing one floor Satoshibles NFT will cost approximately $190 USD. With a price in USD at minting of $40, this collection has a positive ROI of 350% for anyone who minted a floor level NFT, an outstanding return considering the precipitous drop in crypto prices over the past several months.

The Future for The Satoshibles Bitcoin NFT Collection

Satoshibles have a strong following and community, something you can see right away from the engagement on their Twitter page. The team has achieved several of their objectives including bridging the collection between Ethereum and Bitcoin through Stacks. This is one of the centerpiece projects in the Stacks ecosystem, and I don’t see that changing at all.

Where Can I Purchase Satoshibles NFT’s?

Satoshibles Bitcoin NFT’s can be purchased at:

Are Satoshibles NFT’s a Good Investment?

Stacks, the underlying blockchain of the Satoshibles Bitcoin NFT

While none of this is to be construed as financial advice (please see the website disclaimer), anyone who reads this blog or follows my Twitter already knows that I am very bullish on the outlook for Stacks cryptocurrency, the underlying blockchain for Satoshibles Bitcoin NFT’s.

NFT’s on Stacks are absolutely exploding since their debut in 2021. In addition to their recent listing on Coinbase, the Stacks ecosystem is best represented on OKCoin, where you can get exposure to StacksArkadiko Financeand CityCoins like MiamiCoin and NYCCoin. Stacks is the protocol that brings d’Apps, NFT’s and Ethereum-like utility to Bitcoin. I am a believer that any exposure to Stacks comes with tremendous future upside potential. So, while everyone should do their own research before investing in any NFT or cryptocurrency, I think the future of most NFT projects on Stacks hold considerable promise.

-The Crypto Trend Analyst

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