Bitcoin NFT Review – Stacculents NFT on Stacks

And now on to Part 8 of my series reviewing Bitcoin NFT Projects built on Stacks. Today I’m changing it up from flying, laser cannon-wielding whales, to pleasant, smiling cacti as we cover the Stacculents NFT collection. You can find the first seven entries in my series, right here:

The History of the Stacculents NFT Collection

The name “Stacculents” is a word sandwich (I know its portmanteau, but its my blog and I like “word sandwich” better) for Stacks, the underlying blockchain of this NFT and succulents, the botanical term for cactus. The first tweet from the project’s Twitter account is from October 10, 2021, right about the same time that interest in Bitcoin NFT’s on Stacks began to pop. Minting began a few days later on October 14th.

Who Created The Stacculents Bitcoin NFT Collection?

I had to re-read this a couple of times, but the project leader goes by the name, “Megatron.” Kind of an aggressive-sounding name for someone overseeing the creation of an NFT collection with some of the hap-hap-happiest plants I could find on the interwebs.

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Killing Autobots is his job, but creating NFT’s that reflect his whimsical, loving nature, is Megatron’s true passion.

The digital artist for this NFT is “Frenchie Boops” which, call me crazy, sounds a lot more like the type of person you’d expect to be in charge of animating these cheery little things. “Frenchie” is Jessica Glaves, artist and a veterinary critical care tech. Salute to her for not only for her artistic creativity, but for her work in helping animals, that’s not an easy job.

What Was the Mint Price?

The first 200 Stacculents were released at a fair launch on October 14th for 15 STX each. With the price of Stacks at $1.99 the mint price in USD was approximately $29.85.

How Many NFT’s are there in this Collection?

There are 9,999 Stacculents, making this one of the largest collections of Bitcoin NFT’s. However, not all of them have been minted yet. As of today, June 11, 2022, you can still mint one of the remaining 2,467 at for 15 STX.

What Do Stacculents NFT’s Look Like?

Stacculents are cherubic looking cacti that give off a pleasant and amusing vibe. These NFT’s face the viewer directly with a variety of flair, upbeat facial expressions and colorful backgrounds.

What Are the Rarity Attributes of Stacculents NFT’s?

  • Background / Background Flair – 20 different, very colorful backgrounds and 11 different types of flair.
  • Body / Body Flair – 7 “Lumpy” and 9 “Svelte” body attributes and 11 body flair attributes.
  • Eyes – 20 types, including “Burning Man,” “Evil Morty” and “Shamwow.”
  • Succulent / Succulent Flair – “Prickly Pear” and Zombie Food are among the succulent parent categories.
  • Vessel / Vessel Flair – Now, I’m not a board-certified plantologist, but I’d assume cactusses (cacti? is that it?) just come in pots. Well, that’s why this category is called “Vessels” and not “Pots,” because Stacculents are displayed in bowls, boxes, planters, squares, something they call “squaresque,” but not pots!

What is the rarest Stacculent Bitcoin NFT?

The rarest Stacculent in the entire collection is #1550. The trait that separates this NFT from the rest in the collection is the “Austin Powers” background attribute. It is the only Stacculent in the collection with this background.

Which Stacculents Bitcoin NFT is the Dopest IHMO?

That’s a tough call because, well, there are 10,000 of them in the collection!

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Anyway, I have looked through more than my fair share. And of them, #871 is my personal favorite.

I like the “dune” background that gravitates from black to rust, the little lion pet and of course, the Stacks box.

How Far Along Are They on Their Roadmap?

Looks like they are still working on releasing buds, plant food and critters, as well as their Stacculents Gardening Club. The gardens will be a place where holders can plant their buds that will grow into new Stacculents.

What Utility Do These NFT’s Have?

Stacculents currently lack conventional NFT utility, pending completion of their objectives on the roadmap. While they have a stated goal of donating to charity, they haven’t firmly specified where they will focus their contributions. Until that is settled, I don’t see utility yet out of this project.

How Strong is the Stacculents Bitcoin NFT Community?

Stacculents has a Twitter account with 700+ followers, a Discord with 199 members and an active homepage at

How Much Do Stacculents NFT’s Cost Today?

As of June 11, 2022, this collection has a current floor of 20 STX. With STX currently priced at $0.50, purchasing one floor Stacculent NFT will cost approximately $10 USD. Minting on October 14th would have cost $29.85 (15 STX x $1.99), so a floor value Stacculents NFT would have lost approximately 67% of its value since then. Of course, you could still mint a new one for 15 STX ($7.50 USD) on as well.

The Future for The Stacculents Bitcoin NFT Collection

Much of their future depends on how their Stacculents Garden Club turns out and if they can attract further attention toward their project.

Where Can I Purchase Stacculents NFT’s?

Stacculents NFT’s can be purchased at:

Are Stacculents NFT’s a Good Investment?

Stacks, the underlying blockchain of the Space Whale Bitcoin NFT

While none of this is to be construed as financial advice (please see the website disclaimer), anyone who reads this blog or follows my Twitter already knows that I am very bullish on the outlook for Stacks cryptocurrency, the underlying currency for Stacculents Bitcoin NFT’s.

NFT’s on Stacks are absolutely exploding since their debut in 2021. In addition to their recent listing on Coinbase, the Stacks ecosystem is best represented on OKCoin, where you can get exposure to StacksArkadiko Financeand CityCoins like MiamiCoin and NYCCoin. Stacks is the protocol that brings d’Apps, NFT’s and Ethereum-like utility to Bitcoin. I am a believer that any exposure to Stacks comes with tremendous future upside potential. So, while everyone should do their own research before investing in any NFT or cryptocurrency, I think the future of most NFT projects on Stacks hold considerable promise.

You can also help my site out by signing up with OKCoin. When you do, you can earn $50 of Bitcoin as a bonus by using this link. And what’s better than free money? Free Bitcoin!

-The Crypto Trend Analyst

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