Stacks NFT News – So Far, So Very Good

Stacks NFT News – So Far, So Very Good

In Stacks NFT News this week, we’re going to check in on a few of the recent NFT headliners that we introduced in a recent post. For those of you who are new, these NFT’s are secured by the Bitcoin blockchain through Stacks. Ethereum and Solana platforms got the jump on the NFT trend as their blockchains allow for apps to be built and scaled. Stacks protocol brings utility and scalability to Bitcoin while harnessing BTC’s blockchain capabilities. This has created an explosion in digital art secured by the Bitcoin blockchain through sites like and To say that Bitcoin enthusiasts have supported the cause would be a massive understatement. Let’s take a look at how some projects have progressed so far.

Stacks Pops Update:


October 13 Floor price: 4 STX – Recently Sold: 9, 8, 4.6, 100 STX

Current Floor Price: 8.5 STX – Recently Sold: 4 @ 15 STX

Like we’ve said before, this is an awesome way for anyone to ease into the NFT game. 10 days ago it was for less than one Hamilton, now, just a shade under an Andrew Jackson. A fantastic on-ramp to introduce children to NFT’s (I’ve purchased one for my little one), these are still inexpensive relative to the overall market on Stacks.

ByteFighters Update:


October 13th Floor Price: 40 STX – Recently Sold: 40, 54, 999, 41 STX

Current Floor Price: 29 STX – Recently Sold: 63, 35, 250, 30 STX

While the overall floor price has slid a bit, some of the rare alien ByteFighters have sold for 750 and 1200 STX ($2600). This is consistent with the overall NFT market, where the premium for rarity tends to increase significantly over time. An excellent avatar option for Game of Thrones junkies.

Bitcoin Birds Update:


October 13 Floor Price: 1200 STX. Recently Sold: 1200, 1220, 1349, 1488 STX.

Current Floor Price: 7444 STX. Recently Sold: 7500, 5390, 11111, 6000 STX.

It’s safe to say that when Abraham Finlay created Bitcoin Birds, he probably didn’t imagine that one of his creations would sell for 11111 STX (>$22000 USD) only a few weeks later. Yet, here we are. These pixelated images from the mind of this young aviary enthusiast have become one of the hottest tickets in the world of Stacks NFT’s. The floor price alone has jumped 6x and that is fairly consistent when looking at recently sold Bitcoin Birds as well. At 12 years old, I was listening to metal and dreaming of becoming a pro wrestler. At the same age Abraham Finlay has already made his mark on the world of digital art. Here’s to hoping he kept some of those Birds for his personal collection.

Phases of Satoshi Update:

October 13 Floor Price: 3000 STX – Recently Sold: 3333, 3000, 1500, 1099 STX

Current Floor Price: 3000 STX Recently Sold: 2500, 1900, 2000, 3333 STX

Not much of a change for one of the more intriguing NFT’s on Bitcoin. Phases have attempted to reimagine Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto through the prism of both genders and a variety of ethnicities. With only 210 in the collection, it will take around $6200 USD to get in the game. Anyone who minted at 24 STX stands to realize an incredible rate of return here.

Stacks Scrabble Update:


Stacks Scrabble ran into some issues during minting which they are looking to address with the upcoming launch of V2. While the project has potential, the jury is still out for now. You can find out more updates on their Twitter feed.

Space Whales Update:

October 13th Floor Price: 100 STX

Current Floor Price: 196 STX – Recently Sold: 195. 190, 179, 200 STX

Solid movement upward for one of the baddest-ass (bad-assiest?) collection’s I’ve seen. A tad out of our price range, this immensely creative project may very well be in our sights after we collect our next $STX reward from Stacking Miami Coin, if the floor price doesn’t continue its strong move upward.

Stacks Punks Update:

October 13th Floor Price 69 STX – Recently Sold, 80, 95, 100, 150 STX

Current Floor Price: 87 STX – Recently Sold: 87, 95, 90, 111 STX

One of the OG’s in the Stacks NFT game, And what we’re seeing here is the same trend as we have with ByteFighters, where the rarest (again in this case, the aliens) are commanding huge amounts of interest with the most recent commanding a sale price of 12000 STX.

We personally use a Stacks Punk for our Twitter avatar. Want to buy a punk on Ethereum? Better set aside some extra Ether for those insane gas fees. You’ll deal with none of that when you purchase a Stacks Punk. We wrote our own step-by-step method for buying one right here and you can follow those steps to purchase any of the Stacks NFT’s.

The Stacks NFT News After 10 Days: Solid Price Movement and Massive Potential

So we’ve seen the movement in price over a week and a half. Is this the end of the boom for Stacks NFT’s? We think there is still a lot of room left to run. With new projects attracting attention to the Stacks/Bitcoin NFT market, we don’t see this slowing down anytime soon. We are also factoring in the price of the underlying protocol, Stacks. As more crypto investors discover that $STX enables Bitcoin the same utility as Ethereum, Polygon and Solana, we expect demand and the price in $USD to increase as well. Individuals are moving their assets into the cryptosphere and digital art through NFT’s may very well continue to flourish because of this.

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