Theopetra May Revolutionize Real Estate As We Know It

Theopetra is coming. And it promises to bring cataclysmic change to the real estate industry as we know it. Foundational reform in real estate is long overdue. Once the primary vehicle for middle class Americans to build and preserve both a homestead and wealth, home ownership is becoming truly out of reach for an ever-increasing fraction of our populace. Is our nation destined to become a feudal society paying ever-increasing to corporate overlords? Today, we’re going to take a look at the action being taken by the team at Theopetra Labs, as they attempt to bring home ownership back to millions who have been betrayed and financially devastated in their pursuit of the American Dream.

Over the last few months, this blog has been focused on the NFT space in the Stacks ecosystem. You can click this link for a directory of those pages. I’ve previously written a piece detailing Why America Needs Theopetra, from the post Great Recession housing crisis, to BlackRock’s strategy of accumulating massive amounts of real estate in an effort to force the majority of Americans into serfdom with no hope of building equity or true ownership. This (long overdue) entry will detail how Theopetra Labs have progressed over the last few months.

Theopetra Labs has made a significant amount of headway toward their goal of decentralizing land ownership. The team has remained undeterred as vast amounts of financial (and human) capital have vaporized from the DeFi industry. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

Theopetra Labs Completes CertiK Audit

Copious amounts of money, as well as a company’s reputation ride on the security of code that underpins the smart contracts. Ensuring that the code is hacker resistant is a must, not a maybe.

Since smart contracts are immutable and cannot be changed once they’re deployed, code security must be perfected before release. A single bug or a security vulnerability can either mishandle funds or give hackers opportunities to exploit the contract.”

Shafin Rizvi

And in DeFi, CertiK maintain a high profile. They have previously audited Binance, OK Coin Exchange and a project called BlockStack, which we now know as Stacks. While audit completion can not guarantee a future completely free of risk, it is an important step that several successful ventures have taken in order to ensure that their smart contracts execute behaviors as intended. Blockchain and smart contract code certification is an objective for any consortium that wants to be taken seriously in the world of DeFi and Theopetra Labs have now met that standard.

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$THEO Token Whitelist Event Announced

I’ll discuss the $THEO and $REAT tokens in detail in my next post. These two tokens will function as the protocols that fuel their ecosystem.

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Theopetra Labs deals with FUD head on

In any new venture, especially one with its sights set on upending an entire legacy industry, there is going to be a considerable amount of F.U.D. (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). One of the founders recently opened a forum for discussing concerns about Theopetra Labs:

The team have been more than willing to discuss anything that could possibly go wrong. FUD vanishes when it is openly discussed and objective situational assessment is encouraged. Looking back at my notes in the original onboarding last year, I was thoroughly impressed with how realistic and transparent they were about the obstacles that Theopetra Labs would face. What were the major factors that could derail TL?

  • Mainstream News Media
The Mainstream Media. Always on our side and known to present a well ‘polished’ narrative…

Would the legacy news media really attack a company that represents a potential game changing life preserver for the middle class? I’m not sure why. It’s not like real estate companies have any serious influence on our media. And the mainstream media is simply not beholden to massive corporations with billions of dollars. I can’t think of a single person or corporate entity that has massively benefitted from the legacy news media’s influence, or willful negligence, in an effort to sway the perception of the general public. Far be it for me to cast doubt on our revered media institutions which are trusted by most Americans. But hey, the sharp minds at Theopetra Labs think it could be a potential hurdle, so I guess it’s worth noting.

  • Regulators

If government regulators ‘mount up’ against Theopetra Labs, then its game over. As much as I would like to believe that a new paradigm in home ownership is upon us, that is a real possibility. During the initial onboarding call, the founders reminded us that the chances for success were “greater than one in a hundred.” Under-promising and over-delivering has its place and it is deeply appreciated when a group of people, who are beyond excited at the prospect of aligning themselves with a vision of this magnitude are reminded that the project certainly has obstacles to overcome.

However, and this can’t be said strongly enough, should the team at Theopetra Labs navigate through said obstacles, they stand to completely streamline and revolutionize how individuals attain home ownership. We could be on the cusp of cataclysmic change to the current real estate ownership model. After watching the middle class get gutted and pilfered for the last two decades, I am all for it.

To find out more about Theopetra Labs, you can check them out on Twitter and on their Substack.

-The Crypto Trend Analyst

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